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National Triolian Polychrome guitar, National Resotone guitar, Taylor 714ce guitar with sunburst top, Martin DCPA4 Performer Series dreadnought guitar, Seagull Mini Jumbo and Performer Folk guitars, Huss and Dalton Crossroads click here, Huss and Dalton TOM with "Sinker" Mahogany back and sides

Reverend Rick Vitto electric guitar, National Resophonic Triolian 14 fret, Deering Eagle II banjo, Applecreek mountain dulcimers, Ratliff Country Boy A and Country Boy F mandolins

Martin HD-28V Custom guitar, Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature electric guitar, Reverend Dub King electric bass, Boat Paddle (a Missouri maker) prototype nylon string mandolin

Martin GPCPA4 guitar, Martin DRS1, Taylor Build-To-Order Custom GS, Taylor GC7, Nechville Atlas open back banjo, Richmond Dorchester electric guitar, Richmond Empire electric

Martin Performer series OMCPA3 guitar, Martin Performer series GPCPA3 guitar, Huber Berkshire banjo, Kamaka Ukuleles, Fishman Loudbox 100, Jet City A20H/A12S amp head/speaker cabinet

Martin Steve Earle, Martin GPCPA1, Ramsey Amish banjo, Triplett Sierra 36, Reverend Six Gun and Sensei, Austin Electrics

Martin 00-18V, Taylor 914ce, Taylor GS6-12, Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin ll, Martin 3K Ukulele

Alhambra 3F Flamenco, Martin Dan Tyminski D-28, Taylor Swift Baby Taylor, Used Nationals, Belcat pedals, Gibson Leatherworks straps

Huss & Dalton DR-H guitar, Huss & Dalton OM Custom guitar, Godin 5th Avenue, Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin

Martin DC-1E, Genz Benz Shuttle Amp

Eastman Mandocello, Martin OMC-16E-KOA & LXM Tenor guitars, National Resophonic 14 fret Style 0 guitar & Style 0 Deluxe guitars, Huss & Dalton TDR-Custom and 000-Custom guitars, Weber Maverick 5 string solid body mandolin, Reverend Daredevil Humbucker, Double Agent, Gil Parris and Jetstream 390 electric guitars, Seagull Artist Model guitars

Gallagher G-70 Rosewood Dreadnought, New classical guitar models from Alhambra - Iberia, 5P, 4PA, Cordoba classicals - 45R, 32E, Cordoba 7/8, 3/4 and 1/2 size classicals, Cordoba ukulele, National Resophonic Resolectric Jr., Reverend Electric Guitars - Roundhouse RT, Gold Tone OT-6 banjo, Huss & Dalton Singletree open back banjo

Taylor Doyle Dykes, Triplett Christina Harp, Tycoon Djembes, Nechville Geometric Eclipse Banjos, Eastman MD915, MD815, MD615 and MD505 Mandolins

Martin OM-21SPECIAL, 00-18V, D12-28, Huss & Dalton, MJ Custom, Triplett Sierra 36 Harp

Alhambra Guitars, Academy Guitar by Takamine, Simon & Patrick Woodland Guitars, Kustom Amps

Reverend Electric Guitars, Martin Ditson Model Guitar, Boat Paddle Ukuleles, Dusty Strings Ravenna Harp

Lebeda Mandolins, Enoch Tradesman Banjos, Ramirez Classical Guitars, Acoustic Aura Imaging Pedals

Taylor Guitar Models, Collings C10 Custom, Electric Upright Bass, Gold Tone Lap Steels, Lanikai Ukuleles

Grassroots Hammered Dulcimers, Folkcraft Mini-Dulcimer, Wechter Sheerhorn Model Resophonic Guitars, Moeck Recorders, K&K Pickups, Intelli Tuners

Gourd Banjos by Andy Gribble, National M-2 Resophonic Guitar, Seagull Entourage Mini-Jumbo, Carbon bows, LR Baggs Magnetic Pickup

Masterworks Pioneer Hammered Dulcimer Package, Bushman Ukuleles

June: Martin D-18 Authentic, TaylorT5 & GS, Lace Pickups, Mt. Dulcimer Stand

April: Rubio Guitars, Sasha Radicic Guitars, Gold Tone Weissenborn Guitar

January: Slama Resonator Guitar and Mandolin, Lee Banjo, Weber Oval Hole Mandolins, Huss & Dalton Banjo



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