Huss and Dalton Guitars

More and more, we here at Music Folk are seeing the smaller boutique builders produce instruments that up the ante in a acoustic world filled with mass-produced dreadnaughts. Huss and Dalton guitars seperate themselves from the pack with guitars that have superb balance of tone, and structual stability that is without peer.

Made in Virginia by their name sakes, these guitars capture the unique nuance of older instruments with some notable differences. One unique feature is the top construction: every top is bent to a 25 foot radius. This allows for greater stability of the top without having to overbuild bracings which rob the top of tone. Appointments are elegant, yet subtle whether they be ebony bindings and tunimng buttons on Schaller tuners, or unique fingerboard inlays.

The voicing of the these guitars differs greatly from other esteemed small builders. While they have ample bass and treble clarity, the richness of the midrange makes all of their models a rewarding experience.

Pictured above:
Huss and Dalton D-RH

Pictured below:
Huss and Dalton OM

At this time we have carried two models from Huss and Dalton: the D-RH, a rosewood herringbone dreadnaught, and the OM, a rich instrument that is great for fingerstyle playing. They also offer smaller bodied OO models, and twelve fret dreadnaught designs that producy a woodier, bassier tone than their 14 fret counterparts. Every guitar has its own unique tone and appearance.

As with all of our instruments, Huss and Daltons are thoroughly examined by our staff when they come in for workmanship and setup. If you have any additional questions regarding Huss and Dalton, email us.

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