Blue Lion Dulcimers

Since 1977, Blue Lion has crafted some of the finest mountain dulcimers in the world. Combining traditions seen in the finest of instruments with cutting edge technology, Blue Lion makes dulcimers that consistantly have the tone and playablilty folk musicians look for. The company is operated byRobert and Janita Baker, who both still carefully watch the production of all of their instruments. If Jean Richie relies upon them for a signature model, you can only expect top level quality

Blue Lion dulcimers come in a variety of styles and appointment levels. Whether it be the standard teardrop shapes of the TC models, or the comfortable hourglass shape of the 1 and 2 series, there are ample choices to be made to get the exact sweet tone you require. In addition, the trim can range from simple (as in the 1 series), to elaborate as in the 2 series. In addition, Blue Lion pushes boundries with the bass, baritone, and exotic Force-d'Oschhe models.

As with all of our inventory,Blue Lion duclimers are carefully inspected for workmanship. If you have any questions email us.

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