Introducing Comfort and Control . Anyone can grab a hacksaw, cut a piece of pipe, chrome it if desired, and call it a slide. At The Rock Slide, we came up with a process that utilizes technology and engineering. Rock Slides are CNC machined with a $400,000 Swiss screw machine to create the most ergonomic slide for the human hand.

It is designed with a tapered interior to fit snugly on the finger and prevent wobbling. This also creates super thick walls for the fattest tone. The Rock Slide features a cut away at the 2nd knuckle to prevent pinching and allow finger bend-ability. Lastly, there is an adjacent flat-spot finger rest for added control. It's the sports car of guitar slides.

The thick, solid brass walls provide unparalleled smooth sustain. Offered in three sizes for the perfect fit in nickel, raw brass, & various aged finishes!!! The tone is legendary. The look is drop dead gorgeous.

The Concept:
What does the current slide offer? Nothing, just a piece of pipe. Dozens of manufacturers, all charging a fortune for what the home center sells for pennies.

Problem 1:
While trying to keep the slide from dropping past the second knuckle, your inspired solo distracts you and your slide moves, pinching your finger as you go to use it again.

Problem 2:
It's either thin & comfortable, but has no tone - or - it is a bulky slide that sounds good, but is cumbersome.

Problem 3:
No matter what slide you buy, it wobbles. Sure, it's snug at the 2nd knuckle, but loose across the rest of the finger.

Solution? Don't cut, carve the perfect slide! We made a slide that tapers inside to maintain a snug feel all the way down your finger. The added benefit is thicker walls for extra weight and sustain. A cutaway at the second knuckle helps maintain finger bendability and prevents pinching. Lastly, the flat finger rest is more stable than resting on a round surface.

In order to make these slides a reality, we employ CNC driven Swiss screw machines utilizing 3D CAD drawings. It's the ONLY way to achieve the tapered interior, the finger contour at the base of the slide, and a very intuitive finger rest. Your non-slide digits can aid in controlling your next riff rather than fumbling around with a wobbly slide. These features allow you to play at a new level regardless of current skill.

Getting the Right Fit

The small Rock Slide is the sports car of the bottleneck world and fits comfortably on the pinky finger. The tapered interior helps it stay on by itself so you don't have to focus on bending your finger in the slide to prevent it from moving around or falling off. This gives the index, middle and ring finger freedom to play.

I.D. at Opening: U.S. 11/16" or 17.5mm
Weight: 1.3oz or 36g
U.S. Measurements: Cutaway side, 1 9/16 " - Overall length, 1 7/8 "
Metric Measurements: Cutaway side, 40.5mm - Overall length, 47.8mm

The medium slide fits the ring finger comfortably and can be worn on the pinky finger of players with larger fingers or who want full six string coverage with a slide on the pinky finger. The tapered interior is extremely comfortable and prevents wobbling.

I.D. at Opening: U.S. 3/4 " or 19.5mm
Weight: 2oz or 58g
U.S. Measurements: Cutaway side, 1 15/16" - Overall length, 2 1/4 "
Metric Measurements: Cutaway side, 49.5mm - Overall length, 57.8mm

The large slide also fits comfortably on the ring finger, but its weight is beast-like. The weight and thickness of this slide produce HUGE sustain and dark, rich tone.

I.D. at Opening: U.S. 13/16" or 20.7mm
Weight: 3.45oz or 100g, almost a quarter pound. A roll of pennies weighs 4.41oz
Length: Cutaway side, 2 1/32" - Overall length, 2 5/16"
Length: Cutaway side, 51.8mm - Overall length, 58.8mm

Way more comfortable than a Spark Plug socket!!

Rock Slide Sound
RockSlides have unparalleled sustain.

Why so much sustain? Because the heart of The Rock Slide is the solid "bronzed brass" rod that is CNC carved to fit your finger. We are now utilizing a new formula of "Bronzed Brass" for the slides. This particular brass formula has a lot of nickel content which is the best for tone, sustain and plating. The walls are thick and get thicker towards the end of the slide. We intentionally added mass to them. Like a Hawaiian slide players bar cuts through the mix with more weight and mass, so does The Rock Slide. NOT JUST A PIECE OF PIPE

Artist Using the Rock Slide:

Billy Gibbons-ZZ Top, Pete Anderson, Jimmy Vaughn, Randy Bachman, Tim Lanford, Billy Cassis, Bryan Bassett-Foghat, Stevie D-BuckCherry, Travis Stanley-Art of Dying, Barry Stock-Three Days Grace, Jerry Donahue-Hellcasters, Will Ray-Hellcasters, John Jorgenson-Hellcasters, Mark Mothersbaugh-Devo, John Nelson-Eddie Money and Lauren Ellis.

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