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* This is a note from a customer who's diligence and patience paid off. Good things do come to those that wait.

My name is Justin and would like to share a brief story about Music Folk with you. My uncle was my family but he was also one of my best friends. He struggled with addictions throughout most his life. In 2005 he ended up in jail and while talking to him one night, he asked me if I would buy back a guitar of his that was pawned but had since hit the sales floor. He said it was literally about all he had left at that point. It was a beautiful Alvarez Silver Anniversary Edition and while they made very few of them, it was a moderately priced guitar. So, I picked it up and held onto it. I returned it to him in 2006 and in December of 2006, he passed away. The guitar was no where to be found. I figured there were three likely scenarios:
1. In a pawn shop
2. Sold to an individual
3. In the shop for repairs which he had spoken about prior

I thought it would be nice to be able to find a couple of them and keep them in our family. I started the search and since he had hundreds over the years, I narrowed it down to ones that I knew were extremely important to him and ones that I had photos/serial numbers on leaving me with about 4. I started off my search by calling and visiting any pawn shop or guitar repair shop that I thought had even the slightest chance as he frequented a lot of different places. I posted on Craigslist, music forums and local St. Louis forums. After I came across some information in January of 2008 and I found his Ovation Adamas 1885-5 in Nebraska after being sold from the pawn shop to a new buyer and then resold on Ebay. I gave the guy a call and he couldn't have been nicer and was happy to sell it to me as he knew it meant more to us. So, shortly after, we were reacquainted and I promptly headed to my grandmothers house to show her the find. While we were all ecstatic, the Alvarez was the one that meant so much to me because I can still hear the tone of his voice in that conversation. So I continued my search, updating forums and checking Ebay and Craigslist almost every single day.

Over the years, I switched email addresses and only check my old account every couple months or so. However, on June 15th, 2011 I checked it and the second thing in my inbox with 2,000+ unread items was a reply to one of my posts on a local site stating, "Might have your guitar. What was your uncle's name? A guitar like yours was left at our shop for repairs in 2006". But, there was no other contact info and the person only had one post which was this one. I couldn't believe that it was literally the second message as I would have easily missed it in the thousands of unread emails I had. So, I obviously replied and also sent him a private message. I couldn't wait so I started calling random music shops to see but efforts seemed worthless. While I was in a store my cell phone rang and I looked at the number and I just knew. I answered and the gentleman said, "Yes, I'm calling from Music Folk". He explained that my uncle had brought it in for repairs in May, 2006 and had never picked it up despite numerous attempts to contact him. I asked him what he wanted for the guitar and he said that he wanted no money for the guitar except for the repair costs and he was happy to see it back in the family. It was a late Friday and he gave me the hours for the following day and made sure what people would be there so I could have someone to ask for. Truthfully, I had never been to Music Folk and when we pulled up it looked like most the other small Webster Groves storefronts. However, when we walked in, it opened up to the size that blew me away. I couldn't believe how many instruments were in there and how uncluttered it was. Guitars, fiddles, banjos, dulcimers, and too many more to list. We asked for Andy and he knew right away who we were and why we were. I then met Mark, who was the one who replied to my post. He not only took the time to reply to my thread but actually created an account to do so. Not that creating account is some extremely labor intensive role but many people would have simply stopped there. My guess had been that the person found me because they had the guitar so long, they probably Googled the model number to find out the specs, value, etc…and came across my postings which were approximately the top ten listed and that is exactly what happened. He saw the red flags and took the initiative to get it to us. They printed out a receipt with all the information of what repairs had taken place, we took some photos and after almost five years of searching, my wife and I strolled out of there and headed to my grandmother's house to show her his guitar. I can't really describe my grandmother's reaction but let's just say it was a good one.

So, I wanted to write the entire organization of Music Folk and personally say thank you. This is service that is almost expected to NOT be at the big box stores. However, just because a business is smaller or family owned or say they go the extra mile, doesn't make it true. Actions speak louder than words so thank you for everything!

Justin Gould & Family

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