Music Folk accepts instruments for sale on consignment. We will advise you on whether we believe we can sell your instrument and consult with you on setting a fair price. We then will display your item on our sales floor and may put a picture of it on our website.

We will sell the item only at the agreed upon price. If a customer makes an offer below your asking price, we will contact you to ask if you will accept the offered price. You hold the right to accept or reject an offer below the agreed upon price. For these services, our commission is 20% of the final sale price.

Please keep in mind that, despite our best efforts, not all consignment items sell. Music Folk reserves the right to ask you to pick up your unsold consignment item if we determine that we cannot find a suitable buyer at the agreed upon price. Please ask for additional detail on this policy should you consign an instrument with us. Music Folk reserves the right to refuse an instrument for consignment.

To view our current assortment of used instruments, visit our instruments page.

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